The break up and the break up shop

Nowadays, you can find services of absolutely everything. What you don’t expect is to find a company which interferes on your relationships to break up.

Probably, right now you are wondering how a business can interfere in your relationship. Also, in which point of your relationship you may need its help. The answer is easy: they help when you want to break up. It might sound sad and insensitive. But that truth is that many people need this service, because they don’t feel capable to break up.

Some people, avoids breaking up because they can’t affront how the other person will feel. What this people usually do is to avoid talking to them until they are taken for granted and capture the hint.

The company is call Break up shop. There, you can find many different and original ways to end up with your relationship:

  1. Text message
  2. Phone call
  3. Letter
  4. Email
  5. Gift pack:
  • 300g box of Chips Ahoy! Rainbow Cookies
  • $30 Netflix Gift Card
  • Set of two red wine glasses
  • Either “The Notebook” Blu-ray or “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game
  • Handcrafted sympathy letter for the recently single
  • Comforting gift box

Also, if you decide, in this pack, you can have a plus detail and put in something more personal. Like your lovely couple photos, the underwear he left or just that present that you hated, and you’ve never told no one.

Breaking up isn’t easy, neither for the one who leaves nor for the one who is left. But probably the last one will pour out all his anger on the first one. A breakup sometimes is the beginning of a new story which will bring you a lot of happiness. Don’t delay that moment beacause it will be worse, to pospone is not the solution. And with the Break Up Shop now you don’t have any excuse.



Needs of the Maslow’s hierarchy

An approach to the phychological theory made by Abraham Maslow of the highest human needs and desires.

We all know that person who needs to be dressed by expensive brands. Including their accessories. They spent thousands of money in the last trendy clothes. Always flaunting on the social media about their new purse of Channel.

Their life seems perfect throw social media. But that is not near their true life. Not all of them, but some of them has to eat boiled potatoes day after day. Because they don’t want to spend money in stuff other people won’t ever see. So what they normally do is to save money in domestic things like food.

This is a real problem, because According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs we have five basic needs. They are ordered from most necessary to less, and the order is the following one:

  1. Physiological: Food, breathing, water.
  2. Safety: Security of the body, of employment, of family.
  3. Belonging: Friendship, family.
  4. Esteem: Self-esteem, confidence, respect and admiration of the others.
  5. Self-realization: morality, creativity, problem solving.

As we can see, the food is situated in the first place, so is one of the most needs we have. The need to be accepted is situated in the fourth place. Acting like that is not following that pyramid and that can’t be healthy, not for our body, not for our mind.

We have to give value to us, what we have inside. Stop wondering what people will think about superficial things. It is not healthy to eat boiled potatoes every single day. Start enjoying life by the things will last with you forever like your body and your mind. You won’t ever feel happy by what the others think, you only can achieve happiness by your own aims and your own feelings. Learn to be yourself no matter what others think.



Flights low-cost dilemmas: Level or Norwegian?

The fight of flights to offer the lowest prices has become. Flights all over the world from 99 €.  Would you choose Level or Norwegian?

“Dear passengers, fasten your seat belts and adjust them. It is expected a journey full of turbulence. The sky of Barcelona is covered by threating storms, not provided in the time of arrival, 21:35.”

“We remind to our passengers that the basic tariff of the 14 hours flight does not include blanket, space in compartments, drinks, food, audiovisual content or Wi-Fi. We beg you to keep in your seats until the warning lights go out. By the requirements of the script, we avoid the kind part of enjoy your flight, and we take the advantage to remind you the competitive price of the ticket. ”

From June 2, this could be the tip before Level‘s flight takeoff. The airline of the group IAG that will operate flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana from 99 euros.The offer of the low-cost line has inspired the big companies and scandalized public to plan ahead. But reactions have spread the competitive flight companies and perhaps in a literally way.

On the same day that Level was officially announced, Norwegian launched the possibility of booking flights for a year to come. It should be remined that the Scandinavians are Europe’s third low-cost airline and they are not willing to be the fourth.

While they fight of flights, we can take advantage to find the best offers and travel. Because traveling is the only think you can buy that makes you richer. And in this case, it won’t make you poor either.So, travel as much as you can. As far as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place. Consequently, the show “Battle in the Heights” is served. Make popcorns and contemplate the fall of the flight prices from the sky.



New Instagram food trend: Cloud eggs

If you love eating, to explore in Instagram is not the best option. You will find a lot of delicious food and you will be green of envy.

The fact, is that it’s not simple food, because it’s elegant and cute. Sometimes you see the food in an overcrowded way. For example, you may find Nutella with a donut, not a donut of Nutella. Those things makes the food become irresistible.

The trends on Instagram are not only about fashion and famous people. To get followers, you have to sell a whole philosophy of life. Seems like this includes, diet, sport, friends, party and much more things.The new food trend in Instagram is called Cloud Eggs. An original way to make eggs. Moreover, it is much more healthy and very nutritive. Also, the recipe is quite easy:

1.     First of all, separate the yolk from the egg whites.

2.     Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks.

3.     Bake it at 230 °C for 6 minutes.

4.     Finally, two minutes before retiring it from the oven, add the yolk, ass centred as centred as possible.

5.     Also, you can add: salt, oil, species or topping depending on your taste. The cheese is one of the best options. It blends very well when  gratin. The chopped bacon is one of the favourites too.

A part from its wonderful taste, what you notice about it is its curious texture. As a result, some people says that it’s like crusty bread. Others, as the name implies, that is like biting a cloud.

Anyone can’t deny that it looks irresistible. Moreover, you can eat them at any meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. It is very easy to adapt to your menu. Instagram is an optimal source to find how to make food in an original way. But be careful, if you want to taste all the recipes, you will end up exploding.



Like: what does it mean

“There is just one word designed to give or recibe love on your Instagram photos, the like. However, not every like means the same.

Let’s discover it real meaning in every situation.

  1. The genuine

This is the honest, the one we really give when something we really love. It’s heartly and it’s used to say: ‘Very nice your publication’, ‘very nice your photo’, ‘very nice your note’ or ‘I completely identify with what you are saying’.

  1. Stalker

We are interested on someone so we start doing a scan by the social networks which we use to see what interesting information we can find. On Instagram it is more dangerous; There any false move can lead you to give heart to a publication 89 weeks ago: that is the famous ‘stalker’.

  1. For commitment

This is that kind that is far from honesty. It is used a lot among families, where that cousin you never talk to has graduated. You look very bad if you don’t show your approve! Or someone with whom you must be politically correct publishes something important and you have to like it. It also applies to publications where people put pressure on you to like them, like contests.

  1. I miss you and I still exist

Sometimes you lose touch with someone, circumstances happen and for some reason you end up moving away from people who are important to you. To re-establish a small contact – especially when writing a message is too much -, you end up giving ‘like’ something that someone has posted.

  1. You have no idea who I am but I like you

Follow on Twitter or Instagram to strangers is much easier than on Facebook. You end up getting to the profile of someone you are attracted, who also has his public profile and you become his new follower. It’s the typical one that you give to a photo of someone who has no idea who you are, and that you only give so that he knows you like that person and you don’t care aoubt looking so much intense.

  1. Groupie

It applies to those celebrities that you love very much. No matter what they publish, you’ll always like it.

  1. ‘I love you’

This is the one you put to your boyfriend or girlfriend in whatever you post. It does not matter if it is interesting, good, relevant or not; It is guaranteed that it will have your ‘like’. To give it in anything that publishes the person you adore also serves to declare your love.

  1. The ironic

There are moments in life when a ‘like’ says more than 100 words. You give it when you want to cause discomfort in someone. Where really what you want to say is that you do not like at all what that person put and  that person is going to realize.

  1. Yesteryear

Sometimes you do not need to be a stalker to interact with old posts. You just go back to a time when maybe “I like it” did not exist and you want to remember a moment that you loved. It happens a lot with that close friends, who likes ‘publications’ many years ago. It’s just kind of a ‘timehop’ that shows you what you were doing years ago.