Love and Beds

A love relationship is like a bed.

You make the bed in the morning, knowing that at night you must undo. In the same way that people start love relationships knowing that someday it must end.

I am unable to determine which one of this two things is a bigger waste of time, if makig beds or love relationships. Nevertheless, this post is not about a waste of time or a lack of sense.

The real problem here is that when someone decides to make a bed or to begin a love relationship, they are aware about the need to undo it someday as same as to break up. Finally, this process is actually very painful. Painful at the level that a person must disappear from your life. To avoid this pain, the solution is easy and simple; stop doing beds. Although the solution is obvious people continue doing beds.


Nowadays, life seems a constant of doing and undoing beds. I really admire the ability of humans for this tendency to make beds in a row. Now do one, undo it and the next day make a new one. But I can’t understand this. If you are able to undo a bed and then make a new one, the first wasn’t well done or you had just thrown a sheet temporarily to keep warm. Because, when your really do a bed, you won’t bear undoing it and you won’t have the strength to make another one.

When we are kids, we really want to make beds, until one day we got it, and by the time, the only good thing that have taken us to do beds, is to write this kind of posts.

Making a bed is a decision by oneself, we can choose to live it or not, to suffer or not. It consists in being rational and choose the easy option. So, if you want, throw a blanket temporarily and you won’t get cold, but never make a bed.