7 tips to get a best and healthier tan

Take care about your alimentation

As most changes in our body depend on a correct diet, the tan would not be an exception. There is a large amount of food that help us enhance our tan.

Look for those food that has Vitamine A, like fruit.

Also, consuming olive oil regenerates your skin from the inside and helps you to have a softer texture.

Hydrate yourself

To avoid sun-burn when exposed to the sun, it is very important that we are always hydrated. Do not forget to take with you a bottle of fresh water to refresh you often. Remember that drinking water is a very simple way to take care of our body, both inside and out. That’s also important for our digestion.

Early waxing

If you plan to go sunbathing, try shaving in advance to avoid burns. When we shave, our skin is much more sensitive to UVA rays and this could cause discomfort and our skin will be left with that unsightly red. Shave at least 24 hours in advance and apply a moisturizer when you finish. Your skin will appreciate it!

Help yourself with cosmetics

Nowadays, there are numerous products on the market that simulate a tan tone. Sunspots are a great express solution. You can apply them on your shoulders, neckline, cheekbones and collarbone and create a beautiful effect on your skin.

There are also creams with color that will give a more beautiful look to your skin. Even facial wipes will give you a more golden tone instantly. Of course, it must be applied evenly to avoid stains.

Protect your skin

It is well to remember that if we are going to take the sun, we must protect our skin. Start with a cream with a high sunscreen (between 20 and 50 depending on your tone) and once you have caught a little color, you can move to oils, which usually have a little less protection.

Divide the cream all over your body and insists on the shoulders and chest, the areas most sensitive to get burned.

Artificial tanning

If you are one of those who do not like sunbathing, do not worry because you can get a nice golden tone in any beauty cabin. With this solution, you can be tanned the hole year.

Of course, be consistent and resort to this method on an occasional basis.

Hours prohibited

To avoid burns, it is best to avoid the most harmful hours of sun (between 2:00 pm and 4:00 p.m.), because if we take the sun when it warms, we will be more likely to suffer burns. If you have no choice, be sure to protect your skin to the fullest and do not forget to cover your head with a cap to avoid sunstroke.