15 historical women photos

15 women who triunphed on the history.

The australian Annette Kellermann, a professional swimmer, writer and vaudeville artist, was one of the first women to wear one-piece swimsuits and pose proudly wearing it . Unfortunately, someone thought it was indecent and they arrested her for it.m1


The members of the first female basketball team in the history  (1902). Probably, they didn’t win lots of matches, but they open the sports door to many women. And that is what they have to be proud of.m2


These women who were arrested in Chicago in 1922 for wearing “indecent” bathing clothes. Hopefully, this don’t happens now, because we all be arrested.m3


Marina Ginestà, 17-year-old communist militant, looking defiantly from the roof of Hotel Colón Barcelona in 1936.



Margaret Bourke-White, who was the first female war correspondent (worked to cover World War II) and the first female photographer to work for Life magazine. He got his first cover in 1936. She was the blogger of that moment.



Two women showing for the first time legs while walking with their hands clasped in Toronto in 1937.  A big step forward for the society.m6


Simone Segouin, a member of the French Resistance became an icon for the publication of this photograph, in which she was only 18 years old and which was a simbol of the participation of women in the resistance. She captured 25 Nazis on her own.



This woman in Paris, who expressed her repulsion at the figure of Adolf Hitler when the city was freed. Breve, is doing what everyone wants and no one dares.m8


Rosa Parks in 1955 in her police record after being arrested by refusing to give up her seat to a white man as dictated by law at the time.m9


Elizabeth Eckford, icon of the anti-racist struggle in the United States, on her first day of school in 1957: despite the fact that the US Supreme Court had ruled that student segregation was illegal, many white students in Arkansas rejected the entry of black students into their schools.mujer


The Soviet woman Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman (and first civilian) to travel to space, in 1964. Years later she declared that if she had enough money “I would travel to space even if I were a tourist and I would even go to Mars with a one-way ticket “.



Kathrine Switzer, who became the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967. During the race one of the organizers tried to remove her dorsal so she couldn’t continue running. Hopefully, her teammates defended her and she could finish the race.m12


Margaret Hamilton, software engineer for the Apollo project, posing next to the stack of code she wrote by hand and that made the man step on the moon in 1969.m13


This woman at a LGTB rights demonstration on Christopher Street Gay in 1970 with a sign that says “I’m your worst fear, I’m your best fantasy”.


A woman ,of Polish origin and survivor of a concentration camp, sticks a bag to a neo-Nazi in Sweden in 1985. Is difficult to believe what this people really gone through.mujeres