18 Million tweets for free nuggets

The joke of a high school student which became a worldwide phenomenon, with a big social media impact.

The tweet that started everything was this one:  “Wendy’s How many retweets for a year of free nuggets?” Written by Wilkerson in his account on April 5; In less than a minute received the answer from the official account of the chain “18 million.”

Carter took a screenshot of the publications and began sharing it. Anyone  thought that it would reach 3.4 million retweets. Being the most retweeted tweed on the history.

He hasn’t arrived yet to the requested quantity given by Wendy’s (18 million). Although, Wendy’s decided to give him his year of free nuggets. In addition, Wendy’s made donation with his name for 100 thousand dollars for the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation. It helps children who are living in adopted homes.

Last week Ellen Degeneres, the ex-owner of the record for more retweets for her selfie at the Oscars in 2014, made a call on her followers to share Carter’s post as long as they shared theirs as well.

Also, Ellen had Carter as a guest on her show and gave her a new television as well as an endowment of her underwear line for a whole year.

By the moment, Carter, has free nuggets and free underwear for a hole year, that’s what we call luck. He also appeared on that show, and probably he will get more opportunities thanks to this tweet.

In interviews with US media, “The Boy Nugget” said that he was well aware of the huge fame on the Internet. He was trying to take advantage of it for good causes while he had it. Recently, he launched t-shirts with the “NuggsforCarter” hashtag of which he donates all the profits to the Dave Thomas Foundation. He also asked his more than 100,000 followers to donate to the Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run Supports women with breast cancer in Nevada.

We can assure Carter is a lucky boy, but also smart and socialy concerned.

Moreover, he is not the only one who took benefits here. Wendy’s had have a huge digital marketing by doing nothing and paying nothing. In fact, the best advertisement anyone can make is when we don’t do it in propose. By the way, some people don’t believe that guy is as innocent as he seems and they assure this is advertisement.

It also teaches us that money is still important, but if you don’t have, your social impact can equal it value.