Like: what does it mean

“There is just one word designed to give or recibe love on your Instagram photos, the like. However, not every like means the same.

Let’s discover it real meaning in every situation.

  1. The genuine

This is the honest, the one we really give when something we really love. It’s heartly and it’s used to say: ‘Very nice your publication’, ‘very nice your photo’, ‘very nice your note’ or ‘I completely identify with what you are saying’.

  1. Stalker

We are interested on someone so we start doing a scan by the social networks which we use to see what interesting information we can find. On Instagram it is more dangerous; There any false move can lead you to give heart to a publication 89 weeks ago: that is the famous ‘stalker’.

  1. For commitment

This is that kind that is far from honesty. It is used a lot among families, where that cousin you never talk to has graduated. You look very bad if you don’t show your approve! Or someone with whom you must be politically correct publishes something important and you have to like it. It also applies to publications where people put pressure on you to like them, like contests.

  1. I miss you and I still exist

Sometimes you lose touch with someone, circumstances happen and for some reason you end up moving away from people who are important to you. To re-establish a small contact – especially when writing a message is too much -, you end up giving ‘like’ something that someone has posted.

  1. You have no idea who I am but I like you

Follow on Twitter or Instagram to strangers is much easier than on Facebook. You end up getting to the profile of someone you are attracted, who also has his public profile and you become his new follower. It’s the typical one that you give to a photo of someone who has no idea who you are, and that you only give so that he knows you like that person and you don’t care aoubt looking so much intense.

  1. Groupie

It applies to those celebrities that you love very much. No matter what they publish, you’ll always like it.

  1. ‘I love you’

This is the one you put to your boyfriend or girlfriend in whatever you post. It does not matter if it is interesting, good, relevant or not; It is guaranteed that it will have your ‘like’. To give it in anything that publishes the person you adore also serves to declare your love.

  1. The ironic

There are moments in life when a ‘like’ says more than 100 words. You give it when you want to cause discomfort in someone. Where really what you want to say is that you do not like at all what that person put and  that person is going to realize.

  1. Yesteryear

Sometimes you do not need to be a stalker to interact with old posts. You just go back to a time when maybe “I like it” did not exist and you want to remember a moment that you loved. It happens a lot with that close friends, who likes ‘publications’ many years ago. It’s just kind of a ‘timehop’ that shows you what you were doing years ago.