Needs of the Maslow’s hierarchy

An approach to the phychological theory made by Abraham Maslow of the highest human needs and desires.

We all know that person who needs to be dressed by expensive brands. Including their accessories. They spent thousands of money in the last trendy clothes. Always flaunting on the social media about their new purse of Channel.

Their life seems perfect throw social media. But that is not near their true life. Not all of them, but some of them has to eat boiled potatoes day after day. Because they don’t want to spend money in stuff other people won’t ever see. So what they normally do is to save money in domestic things like food.

This is a real problem, because According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs we have five basic needs. They are ordered from most necessary to less, and the order is the following one:

  1. Physiological: Food, breathing, water.
  2. Safety: Security of the body, of employment, of family.
  3. Belonging: Friendship, family.
  4. Esteem: Self-esteem, confidence, respect and admiration of the others.
  5. Self-realization: morality, creativity, problem solving.

As we can see, the food is situated in the first place, so is one of the most needs we have. The need to be accepted is situated in the fourth place. Acting like that is not following that pyramid and that can’t be healthy, not for our body, not for our mind.

We have to give value to us, what we have inside. Stop wondering what people will think about superficial things. It is not healthy to eat boiled potatoes every single day. Start enjoying life by the things will last with you forever like your body and your mind. You won’t ever feel happy by what the others think, you only can achieve happiness by your own aims and your own feelings. Learn to be yourself no matter what others think.