The break up and the break up shop

Nowadays, you can find services of absolutely everything. What you don’t expect is to find a company which interferes on your relationships to break up.

Probably, right now you are wondering how a business can interfere in your relationship. Also, in which point of your relationship you may need its help. The answer is easy: they help when you want to break up. It might sound sad and insensitive. But that truth is that many people need this service, because they don’t feel capable to break up.

Some people, avoids breaking up because they can’t affront how the other person will feel. What this people usually do is to avoid talking to them until they are taken for granted and capture the hint.

The company is call Break up shop. There, you can find many different and original ways to end up with your relationship:

  1. Text message
  2. Phone call
  3. Letter
  4. Email
  5. Gift pack:
  • 300g box of Chips Ahoy! Rainbow Cookies
  • $30 Netflix Gift Card
  • Set of two red wine glasses
  • Either “The Notebook” Blu-ray or “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game
  • Handcrafted sympathy letter for the recently single
  • Comforting gift box

Also, if you decide, in this pack, you can have a plus detail and put in something more personal. Like your lovely couple photos, the underwear he left or just that present that you hated, and you’ve never told no one.

Breaking up isn’t easy, neither for the one who leaves nor for the one who is left. But probably the last one will pour out all his anger on the first one. A breakup sometimes is the beginning of a new story which will bring you a lot of happiness. Don’t delay that moment beacause it will be worse, to pospone is not the solution. And with the Break Up Shop now you don’t have any excuse.