Series. The scientific reason why you can’t stop watching them.

It is amazing how we have the ability to see series, chapter after chapter, without realising the time we are investing in it.

We all have lived the following situation: you start to see a series in the middle of a the day and suddenly, when you take your eyes off the screen, it’s already gone dark, and you’ve finished another season of Friends. How that happens has a scientific explanation. So from now on, you can justify why you are a coach potato.

There are some characteristics that make us being constantly attracted to our screen. Here we have some:

Visual bursts: We are biologically designed to pay attention to fast movements, which is known as reflex oriented. This phenomenon is activated when a scene changes quickly from one picture to another (for example in a fight). We become more involved with what happens, to the point that it is physically difficult to see the other way.

The control of your eyes. The more control a director gets over a scene, the more addictive and potentially difficult to avoid seeing it gets. This is about empathy. The director puts on the skin of the audience, and decides what the viewers will be more attracted to.

The position of every single thing is very important. This includes the actors and even the hole props.

Our eyes need to see a continued action scene, but what is more important, it is that they feel comfortable.

The affection:

When you spend lot of time with someone, you start taking care about that person or worrying about him. The same happens with the characters, when you have seen some seasons of any series it is pretty impossible to not having affection for some of them. Actually, you feel that you really love them, and sometimes that becomes being an obsession.

The point here is that when you have an attachment with someone, is normal to desire continue watching that character, and as a consequence that series.

FRIENDS -- Season 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


18 Million tweets for free nuggets

The joke of a high school student which became a worldwide phenomenon, with a big social media impact.

The tweet that started everything was this one:  “Wendy’s How many retweets for a year of free nuggets?” Written by Wilkerson in his account on April 5; In less than a minute received the answer from the official account of the chain “18 million.”

Carter took a screenshot of the publications and began sharing it. Anyone  thought that it would reach 3.4 million retweets. Being the most retweeted tweed on the history.

He hasn’t arrived yet to the requested quantity given by Wendy’s (18 million). Although, Wendy’s decided to give him his year of free nuggets. In addition, Wendy’s made donation with his name for 100 thousand dollars for the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation. It helps children who are living in adopted homes.

Last week Ellen Degeneres, the ex-owner of the record for more retweets for her selfie at the Oscars in 2014, made a call on her followers to share Carter’s post as long as they shared theirs as well.

Also, Ellen had Carter as a guest on her show and gave her a new television as well as an endowment of her underwear line for a whole year.

By the moment, Carter, has free nuggets and free underwear for a hole year, that’s what we call luck. He also appeared on that show, and probably he will get more opportunities thanks to this tweet.

In interviews with US media, “The Boy Nugget” said that he was well aware of the huge fame on the Internet. He was trying to take advantage of it for good causes while he had it. Recently, he launched t-shirts with the “NuggsforCarter” hashtag of which he donates all the profits to the Dave Thomas Foundation. He also asked his more than 100,000 followers to donate to the Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run Supports women with breast cancer in Nevada.

We can assure Carter is a lucky boy, but also smart and socialy concerned.

Moreover, he is not the only one who took benefits here. Wendy’s had have a huge digital marketing by doing nothing and paying nothing. In fact, the best advertisement anyone can make is when we don’t do it in propose. By the way, some people don’t believe that guy is as innocent as he seems and they assure this is advertisement.

It also teaches us that money is still important, but if you don’t have, your social impact can equal it value.




15 historical women photos

15 women who triunphed on the history.

The australian Annette Kellermann, a professional swimmer, writer and vaudeville artist, was one of the first women to wear one-piece swimsuits and pose proudly wearing it . Unfortunately, someone thought it was indecent and they arrested her for it.m1


The members of the first female basketball team in the history  (1902). Probably, they didn’t win lots of matches, but they open the sports door to many women. And that is what they have to be proud of.m2


These women who were arrested in Chicago in 1922 for wearing “indecent” bathing clothes. Hopefully, this don’t happens now, because we all be arrested.m3


Marina Ginestà, 17-year-old communist militant, looking defiantly from the roof of Hotel Colón Barcelona in 1936.



Margaret Bourke-White, who was the first female war correspondent (worked to cover World War II) and the first female photographer to work for Life magazine. He got his first cover in 1936. She was the blogger of that moment.



Two women showing for the first time legs while walking with their hands clasped in Toronto in 1937.  A big step forward for the society.m6


Simone Segouin, a member of the French Resistance became an icon for the publication of this photograph, in which she was only 18 years old and which was a simbol of the participation of women in the resistance. She captured 25 Nazis on her own.



This woman in Paris, who expressed her repulsion at the figure of Adolf Hitler when the city was freed. Breve, is doing what everyone wants and no one dares.m8


Rosa Parks in 1955 in her police record after being arrested by refusing to give up her seat to a white man as dictated by law at the time.m9


Elizabeth Eckford, icon of the anti-racist struggle in the United States, on her first day of school in 1957: despite the fact that the US Supreme Court had ruled that student segregation was illegal, many white students in Arkansas rejected the entry of black students into their schools.mujer


The Soviet woman Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman (and first civilian) to travel to space, in 1964. Years later she declared that if she had enough money “I would travel to space even if I were a tourist and I would even go to Mars with a one-way ticket “.



Kathrine Switzer, who became the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967. During the race one of the organizers tried to remove her dorsal so she couldn’t continue running. Hopefully, her teammates defended her and she could finish the race.m12


Margaret Hamilton, software engineer for the Apollo project, posing next to the stack of code she wrote by hand and that made the man step on the moon in 1969.m13


This woman at a LGTB rights demonstration on Christopher Street Gay in 1970 with a sign that says “I’m your worst fear, I’m your best fantasy”.


A woman ,of Polish origin and survivor of a concentration camp, sticks a bag to a neo-Nazi in Sweden in 1985. Is difficult to believe what this people really gone through.mujeres










7 tips to get a best and healthier tan

Take care about your alimentation

As most changes in our body depend on a correct diet, the tan would not be an exception. There is a large amount of food that help us enhance our tan.

Look for those food that has Vitamine A, like fruit.

Also, consuming olive oil regenerates your skin from the inside and helps you to have a softer texture.

Hydrate yourself

To avoid sun-burn when exposed to the sun, it is very important that we are always hydrated. Do not forget to take with you a bottle of fresh water to refresh you often. Remember that drinking water is a very simple way to take care of our body, both inside and out. That’s also important for our digestion.

Early waxing

If you plan to go sunbathing, try shaving in advance to avoid burns. When we shave, our skin is much more sensitive to UVA rays and this could cause discomfort and our skin will be left with that unsightly red. Shave at least 24 hours in advance and apply a moisturizer when you finish. Your skin will appreciate it!

Help yourself with cosmetics

Nowadays, there are numerous products on the market that simulate a tan tone. Sunspots are a great express solution. You can apply them on your shoulders, neckline, cheekbones and collarbone and create a beautiful effect on your skin.

There are also creams with color that will give a more beautiful look to your skin. Even facial wipes will give you a more golden tone instantly. Of course, it must be applied evenly to avoid stains.

Protect your skin

It is well to remember that if we are going to take the sun, we must protect our skin. Start with a cream with a high sunscreen (between 20 and 50 depending on your tone) and once you have caught a little color, you can move to oils, which usually have a little less protection.

Divide the cream all over your body and insists on the shoulders and chest, the areas most sensitive to get burned.

Artificial tanning

If you are one of those who do not like sunbathing, do not worry because you can get a nice golden tone in any beauty cabin. With this solution, you can be tanned the hole year.

Of course, be consistent and resort to this method on an occasional basis.

Hours prohibited

To avoid burns, it is best to avoid the most harmful hours of sun (between 2:00 pm and 4:00 p.m.), because if we take the sun when it warms, we will be more likely to suffer burns. If you have no choice, be sure to protect your skin to the fullest and do not forget to cover your head with a cap to avoid sunstroke.



Love and Beds

A love relationship is like a bed.

You make the bed in the morning, knowing that at night you must undo. In the same way that people start love relationships knowing that someday it must end.

I am unable to determine which one of this two things is a bigger waste of time, if makig beds or love relationships. Nevertheless, this post is not about a waste of time or a lack of sense.

The real problem here is that when someone decides to make a bed or to begin a love relationship, they are aware about the need to undo it someday as same as to break up. Finally, this process is actually very painful. Painful at the level that a person must disappear from your life. To avoid this pain, the solution is easy and simple; stop doing beds. Although the solution is obvious people continue doing beds.


Nowadays, life seems a constant of doing and undoing beds. I really admire the ability of humans for this tendency to make beds in a row. Now do one, undo it and the next day make a new one. But I can’t understand this. If you are able to undo a bed and then make a new one, the first wasn’t well done or you had just thrown a sheet temporarily to keep warm. Because, when your really do a bed, you won’t bear undoing it and you won’t have the strength to make another one.

When we are kids, we really want to make beds, until one day we got it, and by the time, the only good thing that have taken us to do beds, is to write this kind of posts.

Making a bed is a decision by oneself, we can choose to live it or not, to suffer or not. It consists in being rational and choose the easy option. So, if you want, throw a blanket temporarily and you won’t get cold, but never make a bed.