3 Reasons you should choose the degree you really like

The university degree choice is one of the most wondering decisions on students’ life.


How a student should choose his degree? What does it matter the most to make this decision? The answer is: Choose what you really love. And here I’ll give you 3 reasons why:

  1. Future doesn’t exist. So stop wondering about if you will be working or if you will have money in the future because you will only be in present. You can talk about the future but you will never be there. Start thinking about your present. What things make your feelings be in full bloom? Which is you real passion? What would you do right now to be the happiest person in the entire world? Anything that comes right now to your mind, that’s your choice.
  2. If you do it with love, is well done. Even you think your degree doesn’t have work possibilities, you are wrong. Each degree have it, you only have to find them. And when you really love doing something, you’ll find the way to pull ahead with it.
  3. Let yourself be wrong. Maybe you are young or maybe not at all, but anyone can take wrong decisions. In fact, the most interesting people we met in life, in their forties, still don’t know what they really want to do with their lives. Learn something about any decision, that’s what really matters. Any mistake is a mistake if you learn something about it.

The main point here is than if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.


Say no to the palm oil

The palm oil is used in our industrial foodstuffs, cosmetics, cleaning products and even biofuels.

It’s causing an ecological and humanitarian disaster in many countries of the planet. More than 50,000 orangutans have died as a result of the deforestation of their forests for the planting of oil palm trees. Often those animals are burned alive.



Orangutans are some of our closest relatives, sharing approximately 97% of their DNA with humans. Orangutan means ‘Person of the jungle’ in the Indonesian language. It’s estimated that 6 to 12 of these ‘jungle people’ are killed each day for palm oil. This is not only about the damage we are causing to the environment and to those animals. We are causing a huge damage to ourselves ingesting this product.

Due to its low cost, it has devastating effects on human health, because adding palm fat to a diet that’s already rich in saturated fat contributes getting a high level of cholesterol.

People who frequently consume this oil have high levels of palmitic acid associated with mechanisms of insulin resistance, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disorders. To top it off, it inhibits the symptoms of satiety, causing an addiction that leads to eating more.

Moreover, environmentally, the impact of deforestation on ecosystems is dramatic. In addition to the enormous loss of biodiversity and depriving us of our green lungs, burning trees and shrubs for palm plantations causes alarming amounts of toxic smoke. Accelerating global warming, which leads to increasing sea levels, frequent climate changes, natural disasters, ice melt, and more species extinction…

We usually deny that those things are happening to our world, but is time to act. If we do not stop buying it, many more animals, people and forests will continue dying.

Learn to identify and remove it from your shopping cart.


To exist in our age depends on social media

To exist means to have physical or mental reality or just to be alive. People begin to exist as an independent human being at the time they are born, but in our age that’s not enough.

To exist this way, now, is not enough.

The influence of social networks is really important to exist and to be someone. Nowadays, at the individual level there are also people who have built an image and have become their own brand, the same that is generating value. Existing at social network is relevant to get a job, to have an active social life, to learn about the present world and much more things.

By the way, it’s more important how you show people who you are, than who you really are. You can be mad meanwhile you publish a selfie with a huge smile or the duck face. It’s that important to many people, that some of them can’t live without it. So, we start existing when we appear on social network. That’s why the parents of newly born babies make them Instagram. It is a good opportunity to collect all the beautiful moments since they are born. All this babies won’t remember how they learnt using a mobile phone. Just as they won’t remember how they learnt their first language. Some of them, will be influencers at the age of 2 due to the great work of their parents and also to his charm.

In fact, in our new generation, the sentence “All you need is love” doesn’t make much sense. But provably with “All you need are likes”, everyone would agree.




Happiness and the radio theory

There are as many ways to understand happiness as people in the world. It can be a frame of mind, even a way of life, a goal or your own mood.


The radio theory, is not science. It’s a theory created from the constant observation of how people react to songs they don’t usually like.

This theory shows that happiness doesn’t exist, but happy moments do. The moments as well define the word, are instants, therefore don’t last long.

Well understood this concept, whoever listened to the radio will know that suddenly there is a song played normally you would hate or don’t like, but you are at a happy moment. If in a happy moment, you listen to a hateful song, what happens is that the next time that you’ll listen at it, you won’t hate it at all. In fact, you will probably start loving that song, just because it reminds you the happiness of that moment. This sustains, that if happiness was a frame of mind or mood, we would like all the songs in the radio because all the time we would be happy. However, that’s not what actually happens, because we continue hating songs.

This theory, hasn’t been proved in a scientific way yet. Nevertheless, most people who are into music radio programmes had felt something similar with those songs who usually hate. Suddenly one day, they love one of those. Here we have a hypothetic answer for does question.

It may be an absurd detail, but the memory of the music can tell us a lot about how we felt in that moment. By the way, how more happy moments we have, we see our life in a more positive way, including music.


The Millennials identity on alert

An approach to Millennials’s identity wroten by one of them.

Who never heard about Millennials?

If you are reading this you are probably one of the Millennials. The generation more misunderstood by brands and the generation recognized for breaking the of buying behaviour rules.

Even if you are here with the aim of rediscovering yourself as a proud member of the generation of the millennium or you are just attracted by the possibility of knowing more about the point without being shown the back door. This is your place.

Millennials live connected, informed, trained and of course, overqualified. They don’t trust on traditional media and replace it with Internet as a source of news, leisure and expending. It seems that in this new dimension can happen whatever.

Millennials promote the shared economy and declare themselves animal lovers, experimented on culture, sports and healthy diet. Moreover, they specially look for a brilliant career above any relation. Careers related with an open door of new possibilities created by themselves.

Definitely, this would be the definition of the demographic group. But alert! Here comes the drama.

After reading several studies with the aim of setting a limit date of birth for the Millennials, we discovered an orphanhood in terms of generational membership.

Digiday UK talked about millennial as people between 18 and 34 years old. Forbes did it as if they were between 20 and 35. Nielsen determined them to be between 18 and 36, and to continue exemplifying the caos, Goldman Sachs did it between 17 and 37.

Who is now the cool one that get tattooed the world “millennial”?

Don’t worry, the “you can’t sit with us” only happens in the teen comedy film Mean Girls. More than a date of birth, it’s a lifestyle. Smartphone on hand and come on. Reconfigure the new structure of the world. Life goes on!

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